The several unfair reasons of the current electoral college system

The most unfair US election ever

While this distribution method successfully stroked the ego of our smaller states, it produced many unforeseen consequences. More interesting, though, the Clinton defectors did have something on the line: An examination of the uncounted votes in Lake County, a heavily republican county in central Florida, has concluded that Gore should have had a further votes there which were never properly counted.

There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.

The Electoral College is Pointless and Unfair, and Has Been That Way For 200 Years

Syrett, editor New York: The Benefits of the Electoral College System There are three important benefits produced by the current electoral college system: The fairness of the Electoral College is indefensible.

He chose to offer the billions of dollars to Florida. And every opposition voter in those states would now have more incentive to vote — all votes would truly count.

This affects way more than election results, too. In fact, the more research I did on America's voting process the more incredulous I became. Trump supporters also tend to wall themselves off in terms of information and in terms of believing only what they want to believe is true.

Electoral College is Unfair, But it is Still the Best Way to Elect the President

An Amendment which would eliminate the human elector in favor of the counting of State electoral votes would be desirable. Thing is, population density has almost nothing to do with state lines. About Citizens for True Democracy.

By electing our President solely based on who the majority of our population selects, without the inclusion of an Electoral College, the vote of every American citizen would hold equal weight and significance.

Final Thoughts It's worth considering that it might be time to rescind the Electoral College and rely exclusively on a national popular vote to determine our President. Or, to put it another way, Bush wins again.

It says that no election rules can meet all of the following criteria that most of us would consider essential for a fair election: The electoral college now works against itself. For example, California is the largest State and its 33 million inhabitants have 54 electors, each of whom representsinhabitants.

Jonathan Elliot,Vol.Jan 12,  · As previously stated, the Electoral College is a winner take all system. If a candidate wins the popular vote of a state by a just a single vote, he generally receives all the electoral votes of.

This chart shows the majority of the United States can agree that the Electoral College should be abolished. The Republicans tend to lean more to keeping the system, but for the most part it is unflavored. There are several reasons the Electoral College may be called "unfair," but three of those reasons stand out over the rest.

There are three important benefits produced by the current electoral college system: (1) Because a candidate must win at least electoral votes from across the nation, a candidate cannot become president without a significant widespread voter base.

claiming that the “electoral college system is fundamentally unfair to voters,” 2) A hung Electoral College could produce a President Romney with a Vice President Biden.

If no candidate has a majority of the electoral votes, the election is then decided by Congress — but in the most bizarre way possible. Only the president is selected by the House of Representatives, but each states’ delegation gets only one vote. The Electoral College is an unfair system to pick the President, but pragmatically and comparatively it is still the best way to do it.

Electoral College is Unfair.

Arguments against the Electoral College

In this year’s election, she won at leastmore votes than Donald Trump, but lost by a significant margin in the Electoral College. In addition tothere have been four other times in American history –, and – when the candidate who won the Electoral College lost the national popular vote.

The several unfair reasons of the current electoral college system
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