The multiple case of assault in audrie and daisy a documentary by bonni cohen and jon shenk

For two of them.

Sundance Film Review: ‘Audrie & Daisy’

And I kept pressing her and pressing her: Audrie Pott and Daisy Coleman never knew each other. Her peers taunted and bullied her. When you hear John B. Directed by Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk, the documentary focuses on two cases of sexual assault that ended in two very different ways: Her mother, Sheila Pott, found her daughter dangling from a showerhead.

But their stories were similar. I had her friends over that weekend for a sleepover. Going back in time, the party happened on September 3,right? What did you do to me?

“Audrie & Daisy”: Mother of Audrie Pott, Teen Who Committed Suicide After Assault, Tells Her Story

We have a year-old boy and a year-old girl. Please attribute legal copies of this work to democracynow. Cohen and Shenk open the film with a slow pan of empty desks in a classroom as a voice over about the Audrey case begins.

But their stories were similar. For one thing, I would have liked to see, you know, a longer sentence. Both young women were teenagers when they were assaulted; Pott was 15, and Coleman was The agreement included an admission of guilt and a public apology as well as a 45 minute videotaped interview.

And, you know, there were terms of they had to do 10 presentations—I think there were 10 on their own and two with the foundation that we set up, Audrie Pott Foundation. Widespread public outcry ultimately resulted in a second investigation, but that ultimately followed the Saratoga scenario in leading to scant punitive consequence.

And the rumors were morphing out of control. And then she found out that morning from her friends that they had taken pictures. You know, word gets out. Copy may not be in its final form. They never called us to tell us that an assault had happened.

So she wrote a letter to the administration saying this is what happened and who was involved. Her "friend" tells her it will blow over in a week.

In a taped interview, Audrey's mother and father, Larry and Sheila Pott talk candidly about Audrey while pictures of Audrey range from the time she was a baby up into her high school years. How could you do this to me? And there were convictions. In a deposition, her "friend" stated her carried Audrey upstairs and laid her on a bed.

I drove my friends there. And they had to admit publicly what they did to her and apologize to her. However, under the terms of the agreement, their identities were not revealed.Their film, Audrie and Daisy, is a stark, unflinching account of high-school sexual assault and trial by social media.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tori Amos, who wrote and recorded the title track, Flicker, for Audrie and Daisy.

Audrie & Daisy — Review

Sep 23,  · (He was 17 at the time.) Those charges were dropped, but after public outrage and a review of the case, he ultimately pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child. The movie, directed by Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk, is, among other things, a vehicle for Daisy Coleman, the Missouri victim.

Feb 25,  · Filmmakers Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk share clips from the film and detail the role social media has played in the growing rates of sexual assault. AMY GOODMAN: That’s Bonni Cohen, who directed Audrie & Daisy with her husband, Jon Shenk, as we turn now to the mother of one of the girls whose story is told in this powerful new documentary.

Bonni Cohen and her husband, Jon Shenk, have been making documentary films for over twenty years, including The Rape of Europa and The Island President. But their latest doc, which they both co-directed, struck a painful nerve with them as filmmakers and parents.

Audrie & Daisy examines the rape. Sep 23,  · A new documentary from Netflix, “Audrie & Daisy,” tells the Netflix Daisy Coleman Audrie Pott Jon Shenk Bonni Cohen Netflix's ‘Audrie & Daisy’ Tells Two Haunting Stories Of Sexual Assault.

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The multiple case of assault in audrie and daisy a documentary by bonni cohen and jon shenk
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