The airline industry trends challenges strategies

The air transport industry faces various challenges including poor airport infrastructures, lack of physical and human resources, limited connectivity, and lack of transit facilities. Poor record of safety and security, lack of adequate resources and infrastructure, distance and limited connectivity, lack of regulation and government actions are among the main constraints the industry is facing.

Virgin said its fleet simplification program, unfavourable movement in the US dollar, Cyclone Debbie in Queensland and its budget arm Tigerair being forced off its Bali routes had all hurt earnings. This is still true in many countries, but in the U. Hackers develop software that enables them to break the online securities provided to the details of the customers Brenner, The new American must show sustainability for their firm to achieve long-term shareholder value.

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Innovation Airline Trends: Advancing the Airline Industry

Tailor information and advertising to your interests based on e. Under Italian law, the government will have to provide stop-gap funds to maintain operations and will appoint supervisors to turn around the carrier or order its liquidation.

Their choice may surprise you. For people who booked package holidays - but have not yet flown - they will be able to apply for a refund through the Atol scheme, which refunds customers if a travel firm collapses.

Mr Borghetti said both Virgin and Qantas were deploying capacity rationally which meant they could increase airfares.

KLM Corporate, 17 Sept. The statement said passengers booked to travel with Air Mandalay after September 4 would receive a full fare refund.

There are also companies from the Middle East with strong growth strategies and a distinct competitive advantage. Live updates The government has warned passengers to expect disruption and delay as it works to ensure there are enough flights to return the "huge number" of passengers.

Keep track on the time spent on each page Analytics: Get a free 10 week email series that will teach you how to start investing. Speed and efficiency define passenger experience Airlines are focusing on speed and efficiency to smooth the flying experience.

The information can be misused by the hackers in many other ways, including blackmail and defamation Brenner, Fuel costs per litre jumped 16 percent in the first quarter, the Montreal-based airline operator said, while traffic rose Chalks Ocean Airways had routine trips to the Bahamas and Pam Am had international routes to countries such as China, Japan, and Philippines in the s.

In this regard, maintaining security of air travel is still a major challenge for the global aviation industry.


The airline also realised considerably lower foreign exchange gain of RM3. The Fuel Factor The price of jet fuel is a major concern to many airlines today. This is temporary halt, starting from today.

It is also important to look at the geographic areas that an airline targets.

IRF 2017 Trends Study

Innovative airlines have been exploiting the opportunities provided by the internet technology to engage, communicate and sell their services to customers through their websites and forums and accounts opened in the social media sites. The Dubai Government-owned airline recorded a loss of Dh Only Africa and the USA maintained revenue levels for both passenger and cargo traffic During the nine-month period, the carrier transported In this regard, this paper explores the challenges, problems and contemporary issues faced in the aviation industry.

Major airline companies like JetBlue Airways and Delta Air Lines reported revenue loss due in part to storm-induced airport closures.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Airplanes and Airline Industry

Virgin Atlantic confirmed on Thursday it had leased three additional Airbus A to make sure it continued to provide a reliable service amid a shortage in the supply of the Trent engines. For instance, failure to adhere to ethical standards through using improper language on customers or through mistreating the employees can make an airline lose reputation and customers.

American Airlines is a great example of a company currently in Chapter 11 which needs to restructure, cut labor costs, and merge with US Airways. Yet, many companies have not yet adopted adequate cost management practices. Inthe average number of air traffic accidents was nine times higher than the global average.

Opportunities to the African aviation industry Air travel is essential to the prosperity of Africa as it opens up opportunities that did not exist before.

Shareholders voted unanimously to file for special administration, the carrier said in a statement following a meeting on Tuesday.Brings together recent highlights from across the industry, and the top trends in WCM.

Healthy U.S. airlines stimulate the commercial aviation industry, as well as the broader economy through increased connectivity, trade and enhanced mobility of people, cultures, goods and ideas.

Airlines significantly improve opportunities for trade and increase productivity for other industries. If you are an airline executive, the rising fortunes of your businesses are welcome news โ€” but you know that big challenges remain.

Several trends hint that this year and beyond could be problematic.


View Trends, Analysis and Statistics. offers immediate download access to top market reports on the Airline Industry. The "Big Data in the Automotive Industry: โ€“ โ€“ Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts" report presents an in-depth assessment of Big Data in the automotive industry.

The airline industry is extremely sensitive to costs such as fuel, labor and borrowing costs. If you notice a trend of rising fuel costs, you should factor that into your analysis of a company.

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The airline industry trends challenges strategies
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