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So do not try to emulate their writing styles.

One thing I mean by "explain yourself fully" is that, when you have a good point, you shouldn't just toss it off in one sentence. Philisophical paper is much more that could be said about clear writing.

It must stand on its own. Make sure that you do not claim that you have shown more than have actually shown in your paper. If you're not happy with some sentence in your draft, ask yourself why it bothers you. However, there are some reasons to be doubtful whether P.

Once you have determined your outline, you must select the exact words that will convey your meaning to the reader. Philosopher X just assumes A and doesn't give any argument for it. It will also help to give your paper focus. It's no good to protest, after we've graded your paper, "I know I said this, but what I meant was When you use such expressions you are asserting that certain tight logical relations hold between the claims in question.

Start Work Early Philosophical problems and philosophical writing require careful and extended reflection. Or do you mean something different? I guarantee you that this will make your paper incomprehensible. Answer in your own words instead. Sometimes they argue that certain easy answers to the question are too easy, that the arguments for these answers are unsuccessful.

Are there any ways that her argument could be bolstered to defend against such objections? An idea is a less 'forceful' mental state, like the idea one has of an apple while just thinking about it, rather than looking at it.

I don't think A is true. Don't use words that you don't fully understand. Writing a good philosophy paper takes a great deal of preparation. In addition, be sure to say in the paper how it is relevant. Above all, it means that there must be a specific point that you are trying to establish - something that you are trying to convince the reader to accept - together with grounds or justification for its acceptance.

Using words with precise philosophical meanings Philosophers give many ordinary-sounding words precise technical meanings.

Guidelines on Writing a Philosophy Paper

It is a good idea to let your outline simmer for a few days before you write your first draft. If you have a good outline, the rest of the writing process will go much more smoothly. What happens if you're stuck? Isn't it easy to see what the structure of these papers is?

In this respect, philosophy is more like a science than the other humanities. Presenting and assessing the views of others If you plan to discuss the views of Philosopher X, begin by isolating his arguments or central assumptions.

The point is that you will be better able to evaluate what is truly important if you have included everything on your first draft. Only summarize those parts of X's views that are directly relevant to what you're going to go on to do.

If you got below an A- then your draft was generally difficult to read, it was difficult to see what your argument was and what the structure of your paper was supposed to be, and so on.

But you can be expected to take a clear stand based on an evaluation of the argument s presented. So do not try to emulate their writing styles.the Philosophy Paper The Challenges of Philosophical Writing The aim of the assignments in your philosophy classes is to get you doing philosophy.

But what is philosophy, and how is it to be done? The answer is complicated. Philosophers are often motivated by one or more of what. Feb 22,  · How to Write a Philosophy Paper.

Writing a philosophy paper is quite different from other types of papers. In a philosophy paper, you have to provide an explanation of a philosophical concept and then either support or refute that concept%(32). PhilPapers is a comprehensive index and bibliography of philosophy maintained by the community of philosophers.

We monitor all sources of research content in philosophy, including journals, books, open access archives, and personal pages maintained by academics. Philosophical Papers is an international, generalist journal of philosophy, appearing three times a year.

Philosophical Papers is primarily based in the Department of Philosophy at Rhodes University in Grahamstown and it is jointly edited by the philosophy departments of Rhodes and the University of the Witwatersrand in dfaduke.comher: Routledge (South Africa).

Good writing is the product of proper training, much practice, and hard work. The following remarks, though they will not guarantee a top quality paper, should help you determine where best to direct your efforts.


I offer first some general comments on philosophical writing, and then some specific. Oct 17,  · Writing a philosophy paper is quite different from other types of papers. In a philosophy paper, you have to provide an explanation of a philosophical concept and then either support or refute that concept.

This means that you have to fully understand the concepts that you read about and you have to 76%(33).

Philisophical paper
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