How to write a blog post series

These can be written by several contributing authors on a topic, or opened up for anyone to write.

Why and How to Write a Blog Post Series

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But it also let apps access more data than necessary. A blog written by a mobile device like a mobile phone or PDA could be called a moblog.

The researchers used a wealth of data gathered over years to build mathematical models to trace the causes of the wobble and found that three factors are at play, and mankind is responsible for one of them.

I feel tremendously lucky. How was your recovery, by the way? Write a list — this second step will not surprise regular ProBlogger readers as you know I love a good list and that lists like in this very post are pretty central to my blogging style.

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But many more hopefully will come to your series in future weeks and months through search engines or social media. Your birth experience is incredibly significant; it stays with you for life, good or bad. Put links at the bottom of each post leading to the next part, so readers can easily go through the series.

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If you know someone who is behaving badly, tell them so. The majority of high-profile collaborative blogs are based around a single uniting theme, such as politics, technology or advocacy.

When I make the decision that a topic is big enough for a series I generally start with a bit of a brainstorming session and compile a list of the main points that I want to make.

An Update on Our Plans to Restrict Data Access on Facebook

This practice of semi-automated blogging with live video together with text was referred to as sousveillanceand such journals were also used as evidence in legal matters. Diary of a Flight Attendant" which the employer deemed inappropriate.

Mr Justice Eady refused to grant an order to protect the anonymity of Richard Horton. We will also no longer allow apps to ask for access to personal information such as religious or political views, relationship status and details, custom friends lists, education and work history, fitness activity, book reading activity, music listening activity, news reading, video watch activity, and games activity.

Players such as Lenny Dykstra might have disagreed with the decisions and preferred to be back at work, but generally speaking, players expected each other to fall in line and back the leadership. We do can write essays for money! If your series is a tutorial, narrative, or a post that is being broken up into pieces for length, a week is a good amount of space to give it.

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Starting today, apps using the API will no longer be able to access the guest list or posts on the event wall. He wanted the players to understand when and why it was important to take a stand. It has captured the public imagination, in part because the short posts are easy to read on the go or when waiting.

According to the article: Many such aggregation called planets from name of Planet software that perform such aggregation, hosting sites usually have planet.

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The fact that two children need you constantly, and at exactly the same time, was an entirely new and wildly challenging experience. By genre Some blogs focus on a particular subject, such as political blogsjournalism blogs, health blogstravel blogs also known as travelogsgardening blogs, house blogs, book blogs[32] [33] fashion blogsbeauty blogs, lifestyle blogs, party blogs, wedding blogs, photography blogs, project blogspsychology blogs, sociology blogs, education blogsniche blogsclassical music blogsquizzing blogs, legal blogs often referred to as a blawgsor dreamlogs.

Microblogging Microblogging is the practice of posting small pieces of digital content—which could be text, pictures, links, short videos, or other media—on the Internet. Publishing your posts as a product, such as a paid-for ebook or even an ecourse.

My contractions began at 2:By Mike Schroepfer, Chief Technology Officer. Two weeks ago we promised to take a hard look at the information apps can use when you connect them to Facebook as well as other data practices.

10 Steps to Writing a Successful Series on your Blog Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of March Writing Content 0 Comments Now that we’ve talked about why a blogger might consider the use of a series of posts I’d like to turn my attention to the way in which I do it.

Summary: Creating sample files with random sizes and dates for use in a Lab Q: Hey, Dr. Scripto! From time to time I like to show “how things works” at User Group meetings and to. Providing educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction.

Look, it was before Broadsheet and social media and Cardi B, but back when I would visit Melbourne as a Sydneysider, I’d always feel so lost, and pathetic, and excluded, and clueless as to where to eat, and shop, stay, etc. Offering a series of related posts allows you to interlink the posts between them, which helps with your SEO!

To increase your return visitors. If you write a great opening post to a series, chances are people will come back for subsequent installments. When You Should Consider Running A Blog Series.

A post is too long to read at once.

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How to write a blog post series
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