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She claimed that the novel was produced on account of a real teenager combined with some fictionalized events that were based on real stories from her work with other teenagers. She soon began prostituting to afford them and ran away to Los Angeles and then to San Francisco where she was raped and beaten.

Alice feels bored with school and only feels that she has changed in that she has put on weight. It is Go ask alice book report that when Alice had her bad acid trip, the neighbors of the couple that she was babysitting for heard her screaming and locked her in a closet so that they could protect the baby.

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The resulting overdose leads to a severe mental breakdown and her family is forced to admit her to an insane asylum for treatment. The girls kick their drug lifestyle. She does worry, however, that she will now be sent home and be unable to get more drugs.

October Alice and Chris start selling marijuana to get money for more drugs. Go ask Alice by Anonymous Summary: In December Alice and Chris got homesick and they returned to their families.

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She feels guilty that she caused him pain by running away. Her parents agree to come and pick her up. Alice loses consciousness and drifts off into a reverie that she thinks is either a flashback caused by LSD residue in the spinal cavity or a schizophrenic episode.

The diarist continues to use drugs, supporting her habit through prostitutionand experiences homelessness before a priest reunites her with her family.

Alice only gives vague details about what is happening to her parents but opens up to Joel more. February and March She wonders how she is so closed in when everyone else in her family is so outgoing.

The diarist's former friends harass her at school and threaten her and her family. Alice gets very confused by being high whole day long; she does not know the date, she does not know the year, she does not know anything anymore.

Otherwise, Alice is happy with her family and with herself, except for her social isolation: She confesses that she is also finding herself attracted to women but is unsure what to do about it. August Alice helps her grandmother take care of her grandfather while he is ill.

June and July Alice is devastated when Beth leaves for summer camp as she feels that Beth is the only one that understands her. Alice begins the novel as a typical teenage girl who is interested in romance and insecure about her looks and her weight. After Alice had recovered for a while she is taken to a mental hospital.

When Alice sees her new house, she thinks that it is beautiful, but her new school is different. Eventually, Alice and Chris fall back into using marijuana. Authorship and veracity controversies[ edit ] Although Go Ask Alice has been credited to an anonymous author since its publication, and was originally promoted as the real, albeit edited, diary of a real teenage girl, over time the book has come to be regarded by researchers as a fake memoir written by Beatrice Sparks, [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [10] [26] possibly with the help of one or more co-authors.A short summary of Anonymous's Go Ask Alice.

This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Go Ask Alice. Someone plants a joint in Alice's purse, and she leaves school to go to his office. He consoles her, and gets her permission to study at the university library.

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Be Book-Smarter. SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble. “Go Ask Alice” is a book generally viewed to have been written by the author Beatrice Sparks, however the novel was published originally under the pseudonym “Anonymous”.

Symbolism is the use of everyday words put into a book to mean something more than the word itself. In the book Go Ask Alice there are not one but two symbols. In Alice’s dreams she sees maggots and worms constantly. In her dream she doesn’t just see the maggots and worms anywhere, she sees them.

Go Ask Alice by Anonymous, edited by Beatrice Sparks. Home / Literature They vindictively report Ted and Rich to the cops and run off to San Francisco to start up a jewelry boutique and follow the hippie dream.

She decides that diaries are for babies, though, so the entries stop and the book abruptly ends with an epilogue that reveals. English Book report: Go ask Alice by Anonymous Summary: Alice is a 15 year old girl who starts a diary on September the 16th.

She writes about school and about Roger, the boy she likes very much, but who pays no attention to her. Oct 20,  · I have to write a book report tomorrow on go ask alice. I read it but there are somethings things i need in my book report that i can not find the answers dfaduke.com: Resolved.

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